Happy Birthday To Moni!

Well TransGriot readers, I’ve made it through another 365 days on this space rock to celebrate another Cuatro De Mayo.

The lead up to today was spent with by BTAC family, and they kept me busy so I didn’t go into deep brooding an introspective mode like I had a chance to do on the bus ride back down I-45 south to Houston.

I’m a Kennedy Baby celebrating another birthday, but I couldn’t help thing about the trans people who won’t reach my age.and it saddened me.

We’ve made some amazing progress as a community over the last few years, and I want to be around to see what happens 10, 15, 30 and 25 years from now.

And yes, living long and prospering despite everything the conservahaters and TERFs are trying to do is our best revenge.

Thanks to all of you who are or will be sending me birthday greetings, e-cards, cash in my blog tip jar, and everything else y’all are doing to let me know y’all love and care about me.

So as for what the heck I’m going to do for this birthday is an open question, but one thing I’ll be damned sure be doing is reveling in the day that I took my first breath inside the borders of this state, and look forward to what happens 366 days from now.

Happy birthday to Moni!   Hope I’m blessed to celebrate many more of them.

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