Happy Birthday Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 2017

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Today would have been the 88th birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born in Atlanta on this date in 1929.   The federal holiday is tomorrow

Dr King’s birthday and holiday are falling as we are in the last week of the administration of the best president of my lifetime and a president who shares my ethnic heritage.    He is being succeeded on Friday by a boorish, nekulturny racist and sexist loudmouth who has less class than President Obama has in his pinky finger.

President Obama, and the country deserved better than what were about to get

Dr King if he were here would be appalled at the looming Trump presidency and the people that are filling leadership positions in it.   He would especially be alarmed, as his wife Coretta was back in 1986 that Jeff Sessions was nominated by this man to be our nation’s attorney general.

In a time when it’s hard for us to generate infinite hope in the face of the crushing disappointment of the November 8 election results, it’s what we must do right now..   Our kids are counting on us to fight for them and the America we want to see harder than this conservafool nightmare the right wing fought hard for decades to make happen.

We must resist the GOP tyranny and Twitler with every fiber of our beings and resolve to crush Trump’s enormous ego still further by working our azzes off over the next four years to make him a one term president.

We also need to in liberal progressive world fight our common enemy instead of each other.  I need far left people to fight the Republicans harder than they do the Democrats.  We’re not your enemy. The Republicans crapping on the Constitution are.   How about you deal with that reality?

Dr. King once said, ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Looks like we’re about to find out where a lot of people stand on both sides of the political aisle in this challenging and controversial moment of American history.

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