Happy Anniversary Of Your 25th Birthday, Isis!

Hey, couldn’t let today pass without sending a TransGriot birthday shoutout to my fave model and America’s Next Top Model superstar.

Today is the first anniversary of my little sis Isis King’s 25th birthday.

More than a little pissed you got robbed in that All Stars competition, but hey I’m biased when it comes to you and I freely admit it.  

As I said in the first open letter I wrote to you:

As time goes on, transition will get easier for you. Your confidence
will grow as you learn who Isis is, get comfortable with your body and
figure out what type of woman you want to project to the world. As you
work through that ongoing process, you will eventually get to the point
in which you feel as strong, sexy, beautiful and confident as the
Egyptian queen you chose to name yourself after. This America’s Next Top Model experience will only help speed that inevitable day along. 

What I wrote back in 2008 has become glaringly apparent that you are fulfilling those prophetic words I penned at that time. 

As you continue to travel down your ongoing evolutionary path of womanhood, you are as sexy, beautiful and confident as the Egyptian queen.  The name Isis fits you like a glove and as the years pass it will only get better for you.  It’s just a matter now of you continuing to own your power and confidently expressing it.

Still looking forward to the day that our paths finally cross, I get to meet you and give you that big hug I been promising on these electronic pages. 

Happy birthday,.Isis!   I hope and pray that your birthday is a blessed, low stress day full of abundant blessings. and may you have many more!

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