Happy 53rd Birthday To Our Fab FLOTUS

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Today is the 53rd birthday of our fabulous FLOTUS Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, who was born on this January date in Chicago in 1964.

This is (sniff sniff) the last birthday she will celebrate as our amazing First Lady, and I’m definitely not looking forward to seeing her go back to her civilian life this Friday after eight fabulous history making years

Like the POTUS said doing his farewell speech, you have represented our nation with dignity and class despite all the haters and the racist, misogynist and transmisogynist hatred thrown your way,.

You have been a wonderful possibility model for not only our youth, but myself/  We also deeply appreciate and love you in TBLGQ world for being an ally for our community..

Happy birthday Madame First Lady!   Looking forward to seeing what the next chapter in your life brings.

Image result for Michelle obama birthday

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