Happy 45th Birthday Ruby Corado!

It’s time for another TransGriot birthday shoutout, and today is the 45th birthday of the amazing executive director of Casa Ruby, the fabulous Ruby Corado Walker.

She was born on this date in El Salvador, but has called Washington DC home for over two decades, and is as proud of living in that city as any native Washingtonian.

I not only enjoy the time I get to spend chatting with her and her hubby, but it’s also been gratifying to watch her make her dream come true of building Casa Ruby into a full service center for the DC metro area.

And much props to the new LGBT transitional house I’m looking forward to getting to see the next time I spend some quality time inside I-495.

Happy Birthday Ruby!   You’ve overcome a lot of challenging circumstances to become the fabulous person you are and I’m blessed to have you in my life as a friend and sister in the trans human rights struggle.   

All the people whose lives you have positively impacted or you serve as a role model for would agree.  

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