Happy 25th Anniversary To The Obamas!

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Today is the day back in 1993 that the skinny kid from Hawaii with the funny name got married to a brilliant statuesque sister from the South Side of Chicago.

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25 years ago on October 3, 1992 Barack Obama and Michelle LaVaughn Robinson got married at Trinity Church of Christ in front of 200 guests.   They had two lovely and amazing daughters in now 19 year old Malia and 16 year old Sasha, and as y’all know, in 2008 he became the 44th president of the United States and she became our first African American First Lady.

I wish they were STILL living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. but that’s a ranting post for another day.

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Happy 25th Anniversary Mr. President and Madame First Lady! 

Over the eight years you were living in that nice house in Washington DC our ancestors built with their unpaid labor, you became the shining examples of enduring Black love and our relationship role models.

And damn, y’all still look good together.

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