Happy 236th Birthday USA!

Happy birthday USA!   Once again on my nation’s 236th birthday I find myself asking the question I borrowed from the first ‘Tuskegee Airmen movie. 

How do I feel about my country?   How does my country feel about me?   

While my feelings about my country sometimes approach the level that Frederick Douglass expressed whenhe delivered this 1852 speech,  I find myself on this Independence Day in a melancholy mood.

As I anticipate watching the red, white and blue fireworks light up the night sky above Eleanor Tinsley Park later this evening and see the endless shows reminding of our nation’s birthday,  I’m nervous about the critical presidential election we have just 124 days away.  

I wonder about the future of our nation in light of the conservafools who are willing to destroy it just to make one Black man and his family move from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.   I worry about the conservavoters stupid or racist enough to vote against their own economic interests like they have done for 150 years just to put another rich boy who looks like them with unresolved daddy issues in who will rubber stamp their 1% plutocratic agenda unlike the ‘uppity’ Black POTUS.

We are just three days from hosting the 103rd annual NAACP convention in
my beloved hometown.  But I wonder will there be another LGBT town hall
meeting and if it’s held, will there actually be a trans person on the
panel this time or will it be a trans free event like last year?

But it’s not all bad I’m pondering on this day.  I’m noting that trans human rights in my nation, like everywhere else in the world has been on a positive upward trend.  We are having not only more positive feedback and discussion about trans issues, I’m happy on this day to see more #girlslikeus standing up, being out and proud and helping to facilitate those trans human rights discussions in our various communities.       

The Affordable Care Act has been upheld by the SCOTUS and the economy is doing a slow recovery from the Great Recession despite Massive Resistance 2.0 from the Republifools.   And yes, NFL traning camps start opening in a few weeks along with the opening ceremonies of the London Olympic Games on the 27th.

While there’s a lot of things that concern me about my country, there also a few things it does do right to the point that we sill have people still wanting to come here.  Like any other American who resides inside or outside of its borders or are in our nation’s military defending it, I want it to be the best country it can be and I want to have a say in how it gets to that point.  

And for the sake of my nieces, I need to fight just as hard for my vision of America as the conservafools do for theirs.  And hear me conservafools, just because I won’t fight dirty like you have done for the last 40 years doesn’t mean I as a liberal won’t stand up to y’all and fight like hell to make my vision of a fair America that works for everybody come to fruition.  .My nieces deserve to grow up and have that type of America I enjoyed around when they hit adulthood

Happy birthday USA!    May you have many more to come.

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