Happy 15th Birthday Jazz!

Y’all know here at TransGriot I’m ride or die for all things Jazz Jennings, and today I want to take a moment to wish this amazing teen a happy 15th birthday!

I had the pleasure of meeting her and much of her family in 2014,  and I’m definitely looking forward to the next time I get the opportunity to share the same space with them.  

Ever since Jazz burst onto the scene as a precocious six year old advocate for our community and kids like her, she has gone from being the face and voice for our trans kids to the face of Clean and Clear.   She has done stuff many trans people twice her age have yet to do

And now our fave trans kid is a high school freshman and a teenage girl who has happened to have a reality TV show, published a book and has a future so bright she needs shades.   

And it has been fun to watch it all transpire.

Happy 15th birthday Jazz!     May you have a happy, fun and blessings filled one, and you recive the ultimate blessings of getting to celebrate many more of them in the decades to come. 

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