Good Thing I Had My Orange Juice…

For those of you who think that being an activist is a fabulous life, it is at times.   You get to rub elbows with movers and shakers in the worlds of politics, the media and your fellow travelers in the human rights community locally, in the state, the nation and the world.   You get the opportunity to participate in some wonderful panel discussions, interface with academics, and attend events at various conventions around the country and sometimes the world.  

You also get the appreciation and sometimes adoration of the people in the community you are exerting your best efforts to help in addition to having a multicultural network of friends around the world.

But there are downsides to it.  Every now and then you get an e-mail like this one that greets you as you start your day from some random hater.   Bear in mind I’m coming off just waking up after doing a wonderful and all too brief interview last night with Ellen Gee on her Evolution of Perspective radio show. 

Thanks Ellen for the invite and the opportunity to do your show.   I really enjoyed it.

But back to what greeted me in my Facebook inbox this morning   This one came from someone calling themselves Mental Hijinks:

Mental Hijinks

  • i can’t believe what you had to say about Rupaul.

    he’s done more for the gay community than negative nit picking ppl like
    you probably would ever do. ridiculous…hateful ppl like you give the
    gay community a bad name!

Okay..pissed off RuPaul fan stepping to me for breakfast.  5…4…3…2…1.  launch.

I’ve lobbied for trans human rights at the federal state and
local level multiple times since 1998 just for starters on some of
the things I’ve done on behalf of this community.

I haven’t
seen RuPaul on Capitol Hill and as a matter of fact he called activists
‘stupid’ for calling his ass out for supporting Shirley Q Liquor’s
racist ass.

So before you step to me with some bull feces trying to defend RuPaul better hit Google.

I then followed it up with this sarcastic one:

So, tell me in your infinite wisdom (snicker snicker) what has RuPaul done for the gay community?


RuPaul Andre Charles has earned every comment, criticism and negative post that I and ‘errbody’ else with a social conscience has aimed at his sellout behind over the last decade.  That won’t stop until he ceases and desists with the jacked up behavior driving the criticism. 

If you don’t like that Mental Hijinks, too damned bad.  I’m not going to stop calling his ass out until he does.

Now back to me finishing my breakfast.

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