Good Luck Jackie!

Jenna Talackova isn’t the only transwoman competing to wear a pageant crown this month.   So is Britain’s Jackie Green.

If her name sounds familiar to you, it’s because two years ago Jackie was in the news as the youngest person ever in Britain to undergo sex reassignment surgery.  While it is covered under Britain’s National Health Service, the minimum age is 18.  

Jackie flew to Thailand because at the time minors were allowed to have SRS until the Medical Council of Thailand enacted changes in 2009 that pushed the minimum age to 18, required HRT and living in the desired gender for a year.

Jackie underwent SRS on her 16th birthday and happily started living her life. 

The now 18 year old Jackie was spotted by talent scouts at Britain’s Next Top Model  in London that  encouraged her to enter the Miss England pageant and were unaware of her trans history.

She wowed the judges and got enough public support to make the semifinals of the Miss England pageant that will take place on May 30.   If she wins it, she would represent England at the 63rd Miss World pageant in China and be poised to make some trans history in the process.   

However, at this point and time the Miss World pageant officials have yet to announce whether they would follow the example of the Miss Universe system and allow transwomen to compete.

But good luck to Jackie and hope she does end up with the crown.

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