Gonna Miss You Rev. Mike!

And recognize for eternity that you are God’s beloved. You are loved without condition or doubt, without pause or regret. No matter what you face today or in the days ahead, Divine Love is always with you.
–Rev. Dr Michael Diaz

The Rev. Mike in question is the Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz, who for the last five years has been at Houston’s Resurrection  MCC as its Director of Connections.

And over that five years,  he has been doing a wonderful job of not only tending to the needs of the Resurrection MCC community, but making those connections between the church and the city of Houston.

I got to meet and know him during last year’s fight to pass HERO. When I lived in the Heights, I enjoyed seeing and hearing him during Resurrection services which was in walking distance of my old apartment.  He also helped connect me with Ana Andrea Molina and the members of the Organizacion Latina de Trans In Texas,our new Houston based Latina trans group

While we already knew that Rev. Mike had submitted a letter of resignation from Resurrection MCC last month, it still hasn’t hit us until today that we’re going to lose another progressive pastoral leader  from our Houston faith community.

But after those 9 and 11 AM sermons,, he’s headed to Boston to further his education and embrace some new opportunities and challenges.  And while I’m going to be sad to see Rev. Mike go, I know that he’s about to embark on a new journey of discovery, and I’m happy for him.

 But still gonna miss you Rev. Mike!

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