GLAAD Releases Debunking The ‘Bathroom Bill’ Myth Media Resource Guide

Wish this had been available for us when we were fighting to keep HERO, but GLAAD recently announced the release of its Debunking The ‘Bathroom Bill’ Myth media guide.

It’s designed to combat and debunk the lies and falsehoods used by our right wing oppressors to attack and demonize trans people.  With the Republican Party making it clear that they will pursue anti- trans legislation for political advantage, this media guide couldn’t have come at a more crucial time as we battle anti-trans bills and repeal referenda around the country.

“Anti-LGBT activists are viciously putting a target on our children’s
backs by using fearmongering and misinformation in a desperate attempt
to legalize discrimination,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President
& CEO. “Accurate reporting is crucial to provide voters with the
realities of these bills. This guide will help media tell the real story
of transgender-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances.”

“It’s imperative that the media fairly and accurately report on the
discrimination faced by transgender people and the importance of laws
which provide protections for them in housing, employment, and public
spaces. Alarmist attempts to frighten voters into rejecting fair
treatment for trans people must be challenged by journalists well armed
with the facts,” said Nick Adams, Director of Programs for Transgender
Media at GLAAD.

As we found out the hard way in Houston during our fight to keep the HERO, the media not getting it right and unquestioningly repeating the lies of our opposition played a major role in our loss

Hopefully, the availability of this new media guide will help put an end to the Bathroom Bill lies..

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