A Girl Scout Alum Speaks On The Trans Issue

The Girl Scout 2012 cookie drive is starting soon and hope you people who support Girl Scouts will buy mass quantities of cookies over the next few weeks.  

They are the polar opposites of the Boy Scouts and need to be rewarded for their principled stands.  The trans community definitely needs to support with our dollars the organizations like GSUSA who have stood tall for us. 

Cristan Williams sent me the link to this YouTube video composed by a self identified Girl Scout alum that is rebutting the transphobic ignorance of Taylorand the conservafool Dishonest Honest Girl Scouts org she was shilling for. 

Taylor was confirmed to be a scout in one of the councils of the Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast.

Here’s the Girl Scout alum’s YouTube video.

Hey Honest Dishonest Girl Scouts, looks like your transphobic call to boycott the GSUSA cookie drive is backfiring.  Instead of the boycott you hoped would punish the Girl Scots for not being as transphobic and intolerant as you desired them to be, you pissed off people instead who are motivated to make the 2012 cookie drive even more of a success.

You also did the Girl Scouts USA a favor.  You helped them blow up a misperception in some quarters of the liberal-progressive movement that GSUSA was intolerant like the Boy Scouts USA.

But as the Good Doctor says, the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.

Justice in this case would be a deliciously (pun intended) record setting year of cookie sales. 

760 million boxes of cookies were sold last year, 714 million were sold in 2010.  I hope they obliterate that mark in 2012.


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