‘Girl Meets World’ Debuts Friday

Girl Meets World PosterOne of my back in the 90’s guilty pleasure TV shows to watch was Boy Meets World, and I was one of the many fans of the show who were ecstatic to hear that a sequel to it had been greenlighted for 21 episodes to debut in 2014.

Girl Meets World will bring back Cory and Topanga as parents of 12 year old tween Riley with her own mischievous friend in Maya Hart. 

While the show will center on Riley navigating her way through life, we already know that many of the characters from Boy Meets World will be reprising their roles and appearing on the show.

The show will also be set in New York instead of Philadelphia but what we didn’t know was when the show would debut. 

Well, the wait is over BMW fans.   The first season of Girl Meets World will debut on the Disney Channel this Friday, June 27 at 9:45 PM EDT.

As to what BMW characters will show up in the new series, so far Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Lee Norris (Minkus), Danny McNulty (Harley), William Daniels (Mr. Feeny), and William Russ and Betsy Randle (Cory’s parents) are for now.   Other BMW alums will pop up during this first season.  .

Cory is now a school teacher, and Minkus’ son is in Cory’s class along with his daughter Riley and Maya.  Topanga is now an entrepreneur running a popular hangout for the kids in Riley’s school.

So yep, looking forward to watching Girl Meets World this Friday. 


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