Girl Becomes First Trans Cheerleader At Her School

Was wondering when I would get to post some positive news on TransGriot concerning the trans Class of 2018 and what trails they blaze at their respective schools, and here is a story straight out of California as usual.

When we transfols have the opportunity to become our true selves, once the gender issue is out of the way, we can focus our attention and awesomeness into fulfilling whatever we wish to do.

In Denair High School senior Amy Fuentes’ case it was to become the first ever trans cheerleader at her school. 

“When I was first trying out for the cheer squad, it wasn’t like I’m going to be the first transgender girl,” Fuentes said in a PEOPLE magazine interview.  “I was just trying out because I wanted to be a cheerleader, and I wanted to dance and cheer.”

Amy knew coming into high school that she wasn’t one of the guys, and first came out as gay during her freshman year.   But after doing more research in her junior year, had the epiphany she was transgender.

While she has been accepted as the girl she is by her classmates and the cheer squad, she had a rougher road to acceptance with her mother.   She ended up moving in with another cheerleader because of that lack of maternal acceptance.

But the good news is that she and her mother have been resolving their differences, and she plans to move back home soon. 

Congrats Amy!   Hope your senior year is one that continues to be blessings filled for you and continued good luck in your life journey. 

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