Getting Close To 4 Million Hits!

Sometime this week I’ll pass another blogging milestone in terms of having my 4 millionth visitor peruse this blog. 

I thank all of you longtime readers who have donated funds to help me keep it going.  I thank you pees around the world who shouted out to the rooftops and inside and outside your influence circles how much you like it.  I thank the people who send me links and leads for potential posts and all the people who have given me awards for what I write here.

And thank you TransGriot fans for telling me when we do meet when I’m out and about how much you love what I do.

I also have to thank my haters (and you know who you are).  Thank you haters, for motivating me to keep doing what I do here on these electronic pages.  Being unapologetically Black and trans, striving for even greater heights of blogging excellence, telling the stories and shining a bright spotlight on trans African-Americans.

And yep, I come up with the posts you don’t wanna hear and that ‘nobody will read’   

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