Gender Revolution: Working For Change

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The National Geographic Katie Couric documentary Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric  later this evening at 8 PM CST, and I’m looking forward to watching it on the National Geographic Channel.

The show if you missed it will repeat at 11 PM CST and have an encore presentation on Friday

Gender Revolution DVD

But if you do have it, I urge you to watch the documentary that will give you some Gender 101 education  

Hopefully Dan Patrick and Lois Kolkhorst will be watching it, too.

The January National Geographic ‘Gender Revolution’ January 2017 issue is also a fascinating read.

Here’s the Working For Change segment of that documentary. It features one of my Houston homegirls who now lives in Los Angeles in Marie, who I met when she was a student at UHD.

It talks about a program that Michaela Mendelsohn has instituted in the six El Pollo Loco restaurants that she owns there in which she is hiring transpeople in her stores.

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