Gender Reel Houston This Coming Weekend

Just in time for the TDOR and Trans Awareness Week is the inaugural Houston editionof Gender Reel that will take place at three locations from November 20-22.

Gender Reel is a coast to coast film and performance art festival founded in Philadelphia in 2011 by its executive director Joe Ippolito.  It is now in its fifth year as a showcase for films featuring trans, intersex and genderqueer identities  .

One of the Houston Gender Reel co-organizers Koomah, has been in contact with Ippolito for several years about bring it to Houston and with the help of co-organizers Stephanie Saint Sanchez and Jay Mays and funding from The Idea Fund and  the Houston Arts Foundation, the Houston Gender Reel stop is now a reality.

On Friday, November 20 the Gender Reel action will take place at the Rice Media Center at 6100 Main Street.   Saturday the Gender Reel venue shifts to the Frenetic Theatre at 5102 Navigation Blvd. and on Sunday November 22 it shifts to the Montrose Center at 401 Branard St.

The Gender Reel Houston action kicks off at 6 PM Friday at the Rice Media Center with an opening reception and screening of Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger.

On Saturday November 21 is the Southern Showcase at the Frenetic Theatre at 9 PM that features Southern visual and performance artists followed by Tangerine.

On Sunday from 4-6 PM is Family Friendly Matinee and the Closing Reception

All events are open to the public and on a pay what you wish scale from $0-$20, with proceeds going to support the artists and trans and queer youth.

Hope you’ll consider attending it.

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