GENDA Passes NY Assembly For Fifth Time

The New York state trans community is justifiably happy that GENDA, the Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act got out of the New York State Assembly for the fifth consecutive session on an 81-59 vote.

Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Ithaca, New York City and Rochester have
passed transgender-inclusive non-discrimination laws, along with
Westchester, Suffolk and Tompkins Counties.

But now GENDA goes to the Republican controlled Senate, where it has died in the last four consecutive sessions, including most gallingly last year when there was a major push by the GL community to get same gender marriage passed.

Where are those four Republican senators who crossed the aisle to vote yes for same gender marriage and are regarded as heroes by the GL community on human rights coverage for trans New Yorkers?   Mayor Bloomberg?  Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

And oh yeah, where is Lady Gaga for her trans little monsters when you need her?   
She was front and center in the 2011 same gender marriage battle, but is MIA
in 2012 when it comes to exerting the same energy to pass rights coverge for
trans people in New York state.

This GENDA passage for the fifth time also comes on the heels of a
groundbreaking EEOC trans employment ruling as well, but will it be enough to get
the votes we need in the NY Senate to finally get GENDA passed and to Gov Cuomo’s desk for his

The national trans community is watching and hoping it happens for our New York state trans brothers and trans sisters, but it remains to be seen if it does.

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