Gee, Tell Me Something I Didn’t Know Already

I chuckled when I saw this post at that stated people who are adamantly opposed to TBLG rights have same sex attractions they are repressing.

Gee, tell me something I didn’t know already.

I’ve seen a long list of right-wing pink elephants over the years getting yanked out of the closet after being pulled over for DUI’s outside or close to gay bars, being caught in bathrooms with ‘wide stances’, or in male prostitution stings in public parks or motels close to known strolls like a former anti-gay minister was in Oklahoma City..

You get the picture. 

The same dynamic applies to the many peeps who oppose trans human rights.  They are themselves either attracted to transpeople sexually or want to transition.  They are hiding behind conservatism, fundamentalist religious or radfem hatred of transwomen to avoid dealing with the issue that will not go away.

So gee, tell me something I didn’t know already in terms of in many cases, the people rabidly hating us either want to emulate us or date us.

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