Friday ABC ‘What Would You Do’ Episode’ To Tackle Transphobia

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The ABC show What Would You Do? uses actors and actresses to set up moral dilemma situations and as the hidden cameras roll, we viewers get to see what the people who witness those staged situation do (or don’t do) in reaction to what is transpiring in front of them

There was an interesting one I posted on the blog a while back as my home state peeps in Farmers Branch, TX probably to the surprise of many of you who like to knee jerk hate on red states rose to the defense of gay families in a diner and passed with flying colors..

On Friday’s latest edition of the show they are going to tackle transphobia by using trans actress Carmen Carrera to play a waitress in a New Jersey diner.

Carrera plays a longtime waiter at the diner who transitions and has her trans status revealed by a longtime male customer played by another actor  who has a major problem with her transition. 

As he subjects her to transphobic slurs, the hidden camera is on the scene to record what happens next with the diner patrons.

Frankly, I and much of the trans community will be interested observers watching to see what happens as well.

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