‘For Better Or Worse Debuts’ Tonight On TBS

I know some of you would rather gouge your eyes out than watch anything Tyler Perry produces, but I’m going to probably check out tonight’s TBS 8 PM CST debut of the show For Better Or Worse.

It’s based on the movie Why Did I Get Married and stars Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White reprising their roles from the movie as outspoken salon owner Angela and sports anchor Marcus.Williams.

It not only follows Marcus and Angela’s lives but the lives of their friends who are in various stages of their relationships and the ups and downs in those relationships.

On of the couples For Better Or Worse follows is Richard Ellington, who is involved with Marcus’ ex and mother of his kids Keisha.   I’m also interested in the show because it also has as part of the cast former Miss USA 2008 and my Houston homegirl Crystle Stewart.

I also love me some Tasha Smith. 

So yeah, I’ll flip the channel and take a look at the show and see what’s up with it.

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