Florida Silicone Pumper Sentenced In Nuby Case

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When we last checked in on 36 year old silicone pumper Oneal Morris, she was about to do a year in jail as part of an accepted plea deal for practicing medicine without a license.

But she was still facing manslaughter charges for the pumping death of 31 year old Shatarka Nuby, when the silicone that was pumped into her posterior leaked to other parts of her body and caused fatal respiratory failure

On Monday she was sentenced by a Florida judge to ten years in prison and another five years of probation as Nuby’s family and people she’d pumped watched the courtroom proceedings.

The only thing I do have a problem with is you being sentenced to serve your time in a men’s jail. You need to be incarcerated in a women’s facility, not subject to being assaulted and abused by male prisoners and guards

Back to the case.

Medical experts could never determine what exactly was in the pumping concoction, but what they do know is that Morris injected Nuby ten times between 2007 to 2011, with the initial procedure costing her $2000 and eventually her life.

Morris of course denied that she intentionally hurt anyone and that she was being ‘convicted by the media’.

Naw boo boo kitty, don’t even try it.  Your pumping actions resulted in injury to several people and the death of one, so enjoy your time in jail. .  

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