Florida Republican Introduces Unjust Anti-Trans Bill

Florida Republican introduces draconian anti-transgender billFor those of you who thought that Moni was selling you woof tickets when she and others warned you that the Teapublicans and the conservafool movement were going to shift their money and anti-LGBT industry apparatus into attacking us and we’d better be ready for it, here’s your wake up call coming from Florida.

Rep. Frank Artiles from the Miami area has introduced a draconian bill (HB 583) that attempts to pimp the long discredited bathroom predator myth and would require all transpeople, pre, non and post op to use only facilities that match their assigned sex at birth, not the ones that match their gender presentation.

What ALEC asshole came up with this this anti-trans caca?   

Artiles’ HB 583 bill would hold trans people who use facilities that match their gender expression liable for civil penalties and provides an avenue for civil action against operators of public accommodations who follow trans-inclusive policies.

Even more ominous is the legislation would override non-discrimination ordinances in Florida cities that have extended public accommodations protections to transgender people.

In other words, the unjust Artiles bill would if made law, legalize anti-trans discrimination in Florida.

Okay Florida trans peeps of all flavors, damned sure time to become agents of your own liberation.   This is a straight up attack on our human rights.

Time to start fighting back by signing your John and Jane Hancocks to this petition condemning HB 583.

And it’s probably time to unleash pee-in protests in cities across Florida, Tallahassee and Rep Artiles’ offices.

What have I been saying for a while?  The most dangerous transphobic bigot is the one with the power to write legislation. 

Well, here’s Exhibit A of that. And it’s dehumanizing crap like this  that feeds into the anti-trans animus that disproportionately results in dead Latina and Black trans women.

The unjust HB 583 bill must die.

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  1. Aside from the fact this is horrifyingly discriminatory, how the heck are they going to verify biological gender? If the gender on an ID card isn't good enough are they going to check the genitals of masculine cis women? Ask for birth certificates from post-op trans women? I don't understand how this could be practically enforced… I am utterly repulsed that this is on the table.

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