Five Critical NE Presidential Primary Contests Tdoay

It’s the last political stand for Bernie Sanders in this 2016 Democratic primary season as the election calendar takes up to five northeastern US states than if Hillary Clinton sweeps them, could be the death knell for he Sanders campaign.

Primaries will be taking place in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.that are worth a total of 463 delegates available.  The big prizes are Connecticut with 71 delegates, Maryland with 118 delegates, and Pennsylvania with 210 delegates.    Delaware has 31 delegates and Rhode Island with 33 delegates available

And in mounting bad news for the Sanders campaign, Sanders trails in all five states and all with the exception of Rhode Island are closed primaries.   Rhode Island is a semi-closed primary state.

The other problem they have is that three states, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland have large African-American populations, with African-American voters making up 30% of Maryland’s electorate.   Rhode Island has a 22% Latino population, another group that Sanders has had difficulty connecting with.

We’ll see if the Clinton campaign gets their sweep today, or if by some miracle Sanders at least gets a win out of this group of states that aren’t a good fit for him.

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