First Day For Early Voting In 2011 Houston Municipal Elections

If you live in the Houston area, today is the first day that you can vote in the 2011 Houston city elections.  The early voting period will last until November 4, and election day will be on November 8. 

So after you take yourself to the polls, take a friend or group of friends with you or y’all go together.   If you’re part of the rainbow community or an ally and want to know who the candidates are who support our human rights issues are that earned our support, here are the list of candidates who earned the endorsement of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.

And yes, I definitely don’t want you peeps to forget that one of those caucus endorsed candidatesis transwoman Jenifer Rene Poolwho is trying to make electoral history in H-town.

And oh yeah, Mayor Annise Parker is trying to get a second term .

We also need to support the HISD board members who are up for reelection who voted for us and the inclusive policies back in August.

And no, it’s not too late to drop a few dollars in their campaign coffers or volunteer if you feel inclined to do so, but what they need more than anything else besides those two things is your vote.

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