First Black Transmen Conference Fading Into History

I was bummed that some issues here in H-town kept me from traveling up I-45 north to check out the first annual Black Transmen Empowerment Retreat Conference & Dinner that just concluded up in Dallas last weekend.

The post event reports I’m getting is that Rev. Louis Mitchell’s keynote speech was a powerful and inspiring one, the workshops were informative and the people who were witnesses and participants in this March 29-April1 historic event felt inspired, empowered, had a blast and were sad when it concluded.

But as several participants and attendees told me, start saving your money because there will be another one next year.  If I get any information about the dates and location for the 2013 event, I’ll post it on TransGriot as soon as I receive that information.

Congrats transbrothers for making history and for what I’m hearing was a two thumbs up event.





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