Fifty Bandz (M. Wyatt)

It’s sad that media outlets that know better aren’t doing better…. here’s how it’s done #TransGriot


Baton Rouge, LA.

January 28th around 11pm on 5000 block of  McClelland dr. Officers arrived to an individual identified as Fifty Bandz (M. Wyatt) of Baton Rouge Wyatt identified as a Black trans woman as shown in the image above. Wyatt was 21 years old and was found by officers in a parked vehicle with gunshots that are believed to be the cause of her death. Detectives of the Baton Rouge Police Department say that this is a open investigation and didn’t make clear that there’s a person of interest. Wyatt is believed to be the 5th reported trans person murdered in the US as of today and each were persons of color. 


If you Saw something Say something 

If you know anything that help get just for this 21 year old individual please contact Violent Crimes Unit at 389-4869 or Crime Stoppers at 344-7867.


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