Fed Up With Trans Latina Erasure

TransGriot note: Several of the 22 trans feminine lives we lost in 2015 were trans Latinas, but like their trans African American sisters, are not heavily represented in the leadership ranks of our trans human rights movement.  That’s a problem,  especially since there are some issues trans Latinas face that disproportionately affect them.

Looks like 2016 is going to be the year trans Latinas are going to make moves to address it.   Here’s a guest post from Elizabeth Rivera discussing it.

So I woke up with a lot on my mind today. Thought about keeping it to myself but I’m not biting my tongue anymore! Slept on it. And I’m done!!!!I’m fed up with the attempted erasure of Trans Latin@s within the Transgender Social Justice Movement! This is problematic!!!! We can do better than this!!! There are specific individuals (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YEAH, YOU!!!) within the movement who refuse (blatantly) to acknowledge that Trans Latin@s are just as affected. As if we don’t struggle with discrimination!!!!! As if we are not being murdered too!!! Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about. To deny this is an act of violence!

I’m going to need for the REAL AUTHENTIC LEADERS in this movement to step up and start holding those in sheep’s clothing accountable NOW!!!!! I’m going to need those who are attempting to steal the limelight for their own personal gain to have a long overdue seat!!!! I am officially done with blatantly biased representation from members in our community who are only about their own personal agendas.

I am sick and tired of feeling invalidated within this movement. I am and will always be a transgender woman of color who has been a sex worker and homeless. I know my authentic truth! I have not been doing this work for the last 20+ years to start feeling this way now. ‪#‎LatinaTransLivesMatterToo‬

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