Fantasia Fair Day 6

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It’s Saturday, and after an entertaining Fantasia Fair Follies that drew a standing room only crowd, raised money to build an HIV-AIDS memorial in Provincetown, and another late night out at Club Purgatory and Roomers, the last day of the 41st annual edition of the Fantasia Fair (for me anyway) has on the schedule for today a keynote speech from attorney Dr. Jillian Weiss.

It will be nice to see her again, and she had a big legal win with H-town roots in the Leyth Jamal case.   Saks settled after aiming transphobic discrimination at Ms. Jamal while hiding behind their perfect HRC Corporate Equality Index score to do so.

We are also going to make another attempt at taking that group photo at the base of the Pilgrim Tower

Later tonight will be the awards banquet, and a final opportunity to dress to the nines and break bread with old and new friends.

Hard to believe this FF41 week has gone by so fast, but it most certainly has.

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