Fallon`s Fighting In Denver Soon!

The last time I got a chance to talk about my fave women`s MMA fighter Fallon Fox  doing her regular job, she had just laid a microwaved 2 minute smackdown in the octagon against one of her loud and wrong transphobic critics Tamikka Brents to bump her record to an impressive 5-1.

Yeah, Brents found out after bumping her gums that Ms. Fox has serious MMA skills.

Fox is also featured in the documentary `Game Face` which will be appearing at a film festival near you soon.

There are also unconfired rumors that a UFC tilt between Fallon Fox and another loud and wrong transphobic critic in unbeaten (11-0) UFC champ Ronda Rousey may be brewing, but no confirmation yet on that from UFC boss Dana White, Rousey or Fox.

But before we get to that hoped for UFC bout, Fallon has work to do in Denver and is already in the gym working hard to get ready for it.

Fox will take on Randi Miller on August 14 in Prize Fighting Championship 10.   More details coming as I get them from the `Queen of Swords`

Hope you peeps and allies in the Denver area will come out and support our WMMA fighting sis because the transphobes are already starting to get cranked up on social media and definitely will be rooting for Miller.

We`ll see what transpires on August 14, but you know I`ll be hoping for another Fallon Fox WMMA win.

TransGriot Update:  And just as fast as I received the news about this fight came the next it had been cancelled.

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