Fallon Fox Beats Brents!

There’s an old saying in the Black community that goes “‘Don’t let your mouth write a check your body can’t cash.”

Fallon Fox’s opponent should have heeded that comment before she started flapping her transphobic gums last year.   After letting  those comments fly, she also denigrated Fox’s WMMA skills and punctuated it with a desire to battle her in the cage.

Well, Brents got her wish tonight, but it didn’t turn out the way she expected. 

After she was all Betty Badass last year, it was put up or shut up time during their Capital City Cage Wars co-main event bout earlier tonight. 

The ‘Queen of Swords’ made short work of Brents with a dominating display of her WMMA skills and talents that resulted in a first round stoppage of the anticipated fight in Springfield, IL.  

Fox is now 5-1 while Brents is now 2-2

1 thought on “Fallon Fox Beats Brents!”

  1. Penny Marie Sautereau

    Good for her!

    Now if only we didn't have to wait for the sadly inevitable "Oh she only won coz she's really a dude" bullshit I'm WAY too bloody used to.

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