Fairfax Co. VA School Board Adds Gender Identity To Non Discrimination Policy

Fairfax Transgender Debate - No Penis ZoneThe Fairfax County School District is the largest in Virginia and the tenth largest in the nation, and Thursday night had a vote adding gender identity to their nondiscrimination policy on the agenda.

The haters had something on their agenda too, and it was busing in out of town haters to stir up anti-trans animus in a desperate attempt to derail doing the right thing for its trans and gender variant students, teachers and staff.

The contentious meeting took place in front of a room packed with opponents to the proposed policy change that were polite to the ten speakers allowed to comment pro and con on Policy 1450, but cut loose to rudely interrupt board members who spoke in favor of the change as they unleashed every lie from their anti-trans fear and smear playbook.

The transphobes were so out of control that five were removed from the meeting room, others were threatened with removal, and Board Chair Tamara Denarek Kaufax threatened to clear the room if they didn’t cease and desist with the nekulturny behavior.

After a failed attempt by the two board opponents of Policy 1450 to delay the vote until October, the Fairfax School Board voted 10-1 with one abstention to pass it as the opponents shouted insults at the board and policy supporters and stormed out of the room.

Ryan McElveen, the Fairfax School Board member who introduced the update to Policy 1450, proclaimed, “Our board will be remembered not for postponing, not for delaying civil rights but for protecting all of our employees and all of our children.”

A statement from Chair Kaufax said that the policy will ensure everyone in the district is treated “with dignity and respect.”

And that’s all transpeople and trans students want.  Policies that protect their human rights so they can focus on getting their education, and if they are staff or teachers, do their jobs to the best of their ability..

That’s obviously something the professional trans haters forgot in their zeal to foment hatred of transpeople for their paymasters.

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