Evansville, IN Unanimously Passes Inclusive Ordinance

When I lived in the Louisville area had the pleasure of making the drive on I-64 west a few years ago to Evansville for a friend’s wedding.   Evansville is also the hometown of actor Avery Books and actress Michael Michele Williams

I was happy to hear that Evansville, Indiana to the increasingly long list of jurisdictions that are passing trans inclusive human rights laws.  On November 28 the Evansville City Council on a unanimous 8-0 vote passed their Human Rights Ordinance that includes housing and employment protection based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Evansville City Council added the words age, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation
to the Evansville Human Relations Civil Rights Ordinance and by doing so added legal protections to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender
identity and sexual orientation in public and private employment,
housing, public accommodations, credit and education..

This was a huge win for the Evansville’s rainbow community and add this city to the long list of municipalities that value their TBLG citizens to do so.

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