End Of Trans Military Service Ban Coming?

Transgender military

Good news finally for the estimated 15,500 trans people serving in our country’s military.

According to a USA Today report, the Pentagon is ready to announce on July 1 that the ban on open military service for trans Americans will be lifted

It will end nearly a year of internal military forces bickering concerning how the various branches of our armed forces would implement open military service..

 Top military officials re planning to meet on Monday to finalize details of the open trans military service plan, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work could sign off on that plan as early as Wednesday, with final approval coming from defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Once that happens, the various armed service branches would have up to a year to implement policies that affect recruiting, housing, and uniforms for trans service members.

We’ll see if it happens next week, but if it does, it would be another positive milestone for US trans people, and would add the United States to the list of 18 nations that allow their trans citizens to serve their country.

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