ELIXHER Post On Trans Women Of Color In Love

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I’ll be scarfing up discounted candy all by myself when that day arrives.  

As I have joked in numerous VDay posts, I have been wandering the dating Sinai so long that the Israelites headed to the dating Promised Land passed me and shook their heads.

But I ain’t mad at you peeps who have found significant others.  

And while I know and I’m aware of in my long interactions with the trans community of trans women being in long term relationships that also include marriage, I’m loving this ELIXHER postthat focuses on ten trans women of color in love.

Some of the people featured in it are the recently engaged Janet Mock to her longtime beau Aaron Tredwell,  ourfave recently engaged trans power couple in Precious Davis and Myles Brady, and our recently married couple Ruby Corado-Walker and David Walker.

But there are other couples featured in this article who tell their stories, and thanks to founding editor Kimberley McLeod for having the vision to write this piece and let them as a longtime trans ally to do so.

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