Early Voting For Texas Primary Runoff Elections Begins Today

Lone Star State voters, early voting for the primary runoff elections begins today and runs through Friday.  If you don’t get it done this week at a location of your choice and wait until July 31, on that date you’ll have to go to your precinct location to cast your ballot.

Remember all you’ll need to cast your ballot is your yellow voter registration card, the Texas Voter Suppression law is NOT in effect.  

For those of you who live in State Board of Indoctrination Education Districts 2, 10 or 12, you may have an SBOE runoff race on your ballot.   Very important considering the GOP controlled SBOE majority in the last five years censored what students will learn in their history classes, rejected established science and ignored the recommendations of teachers and respected scholars while doing so.

Since redistricting happened in 2011, all 15 seats on the SBOE were up for reelection this year.

In addition to the Sate Bord of Education, there are other local races in your area that require your attention.  The candidates involved would like for you and need you to do your civic duty and participate in the process.

So handle your electoral business and use your ballot power before the Republicans take it away from you.

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