Dyssonance-Bitter, Sweet & Stout

When I visited the University of Arizona a few months ago was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call in my room letting me know that Toni had driven down I-10 from Phoenix to hang out with me for a few extremely pleasant hours.

I’m so happy to see she’s writing her thought provoking posts at her Dyssonance blog again to the chagrin of her haters, and this one needed to be signal boosted.

It’s called ‘Strong Drink-Bitter, Sweet & Stout’, and here’s a taste of it (pun intended).

This line in the sand is one ingredient, however, in the stuff that I
promote.  First, there are rights.  Concomitant with all the rest, and
underlying the efforts for all the rest, one must keep in mind that all
people have these rights. That includes the idiots and the fuckwits and
the generally crappy people who think that all people shouldn’t have the
exact same rights.|

People like Maggie Gallagher. People like Bryan Brown.  People like
Orson Scott Card (who’s hit novel is about to become a movie and which
funded and will continue to fund efforts to oppress us). People like
Cathy Brennan. People like Elizabeth Hungerford. Organizations like the
Alliance Defense Fund, the Traditional Values Coalition, Focus on the
Family, the American Family Association. Companies like Chick-Fil-A.
Religions like the Baptist Conventions and denominations, the Catholic
Church, certain sects of Islam. And all the people who support them and
their ideas.

All of them firmly believe that all people should not have the exact
same rights, and yet, if asked, all of them will naturally say they do
believe in such.  The proof is in the pudding, in the way they talk
about those things, in the measures of actions, not words.

And all of them have taken actions to ensure that everyone does not have the same exact rights.

You can read this post in its entiretyat her blog

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