Dylan and Finn Make Their Texas Lege Races Official

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Today is the last day you can file to run for office for the upcoming Texas primary elections in March 2018.  Over the weekend people were either signing their paperwork to run for office or starting to hold events to get their name out there in advance of the primaries

In the wake of many Texas trans people (myself included) being majorly pissed off about the Republican legislative attack on us that we stopped in the 2017 regular and Special Oppression Session, it has motivated many of us to either seriously think about running for office or actually do so.

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Finn Jones and Dylan Forbis are two of the Texas trans peoplewho are running for the Texas Legislature in the 2018 cycle.   Dylan and Finn have made it official in signing their paperwork and paying the filing fees in order to officially run for office.

As a reminder ,Jones is running in HD 94 in north Texas against incumber Republican Tony.Tinderholt, and on this end of I-45 Forbis is running in HD 29 against Republican incumbent Ed Thompson.

Forbis has a contested Democratic HB 29 primary to navigate before he can take on Thompson and as of yet haven’t found out if Jones has the same situation

But the most important thing is that both men are running for office, and with support from the voter of those respective districts, they will win and #TransformPolitics in Texas. 

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