During This Holiday Season Trans Family, Love Each Other

The 2015 holiday season is about to start, and it can be a depressing, suicide triggering time for members of our community estranged or cut off from their blood relatives and family while relentlessly being bombarded with Christmas music and movies with family themes.

Please keep an eye on our peeps feeling down during this holiday season and try to spend as much quality time with people in that situation as you can.

And note to those trans fam members in that situation, please remember you also have chosen family members not related to you by blood who also love you and can help you though this trying period.

Some of my favorite holiday memories happened with my chosen family during the nearly nine years I lived in Louisville, and I miss them now during the holidays as much as I did my blood family when I was living in Kentucky.

Take the time this holiday season to watch out and love each other, trans family, and Happy Holidays!

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