Down Goes The Unjust Washington Anti-Trans Bill!

Breaking news out of Washington state concerning the unjust SB 6443 bill sponsored by Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) specifically filed to overturn a Human Rights Commission ruling favorable to the Washington state trans community.

It unfortunately escaped the GOP controlled Commerce and Labor Committee on a party line 4-3 vote to the full GOP controlled Washington senate.

But thanks to your calls and protests, and the work of people walking the halls in Olympia  getting the word out about the unjust nature of SB 6443, the bill failed to pass on a 25-24 vote.

Three Republican King County senators were crucial in killing SB 6443, since Democratic senator Jim Hargrove voted for the bill.

The Gender Justice League’s Danni Askini tweeted this moments after the bill died:

“We did it.  WE KILLED THE BILL.  Thank all D’s except Sen. Hargrove and thank Sen. Hill, Sen. Litzow & Sen. Fain — all R’s who were with us”

Congrats Washington state trans community for your legislative win!  

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