Don’t Want Republicans Running The Government? You Need To Vote!

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If you don’t want Republicans running our government at any level, the ONLY way you can #FireTheGOP is vote in each and every election you get an opportunity to participate in. 

If you live in Texas, the deadline to register and be eligible to vote on November 6, you need to be registered by October 9. 

Early voting in Texas starts October 22.   

Not only do you need to be registered to vote, if you are, double check your registration between now and Election Day.    Republican controlled areas are merrily engaging in voter roll purging and other voter suppression tactics so that they can restrict the numbers of people headed to the polls to vote their butts out of office.

Voting is not a waste of time,   If you believe that BS that voting is a waste of time, then why are the Republicans passing voter suppression laws?

If you want to change the jacked up fascist direction this country is going in, you must take the time to handle your patriotic duty as an American citizen and vote.   

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