Don’t Believe The Hype -It Isn’t Trans Folks You Need To Fear In Your Bathrooms

We’re the prey, not the predators.  

That point is increasing getting through to reality based America despite all the lies broadcast at max volume from the Rethuiglican Noise Machine.  Despite their best efforts of the Republican Party, FOX Noise, right wing talk radio, conservafool certified hate groups like the Family Research Council, and fundamentalist churches like the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholic Church, this attempt to dehumanize and other trans people will fail.

The sad part is that the GOP is doing this as Ted Cruz his reprehensibly doing, for November 8 political advantage.   The Rethuglicans are desperately trying to divert attention from the fact they are the ones passing the unjust anti-civil rights measures in a state near you to cover up the fact they suck at governing our states and the nation..

Thank God the Texas legislature isn’t in session until January, but i’m already getting ready to do battle the the Lone Star Forces of Intolerance seeking to spread trans hate in my state.

To drive home the point that we trans peeps aren’t the problem, here’s a guest  post from Yunus Coldman that I saw on his Facebook page that deserves to be signal boosted.

And now, here’s Yunus Coldman


Don’t buy into the hype or the fear people. The overwhelming stats show that child molesters do not consider themselves trans anything, gender fluid, etc. they are self admittedly, and enraged if otherwise labeled, with few exceptions, heterosexual men.

The two alleged incidences that have occurred happened after the idea of dressing up in female clothing was provided by the fearmongers. These perverts are not transgender women (who are women whether you like it or not) therefore the data still holds firm that there are and have never been such occurrences committed by people of trans experience. These are the facts. Child molesters mostly disguise themselves as cousins, uncles, friend of the family, religious figures and senators.

I will also add if you want protection for your children in restrooms it will most likely be from the trans community. After all, trans women are the ones who are most likely attacked in restrooms … And every place else for that matter. They don’t want it happening to anyone else especially children.

Off my soapbox. Good night


Let my people pee and live in human rights dignity.

Off my electronic soapbox concerning this subject for now as well.

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