Ding Dong, The Texas Anti-TBLG Bills Are DEAD!

It’s Sine Die for the 84th Texas Legislature, and it’s official!  All the 24 anti–TBLG bills filed, including the 4 anti-trans ones are dead as of 12:01 AM for this session!

Took a lot of cooperative intersectional work to make it happen, but the Texas TBLG community, our advocacy organizations, the hardworking people in them, our citizen lobbyists, and our allies pulled it off.

And many of y’all Texas bashers thought we couldn’t do it.   But we did.

The 85th Texas Legislative session won’t happen until 2017, so we can exhale and prepare for another battle to come.  We’ll also be on guard for Gov Abbott calling special sessions between now and then as well.

Yeah, and if he does, Equality Texas, TENT and ‘errbody’ else has my number.

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