Diamond Williams Case Update: Preliminary Hearing Tomorrow

In our last update on what was happening in the search for justice for Diamond Williams, there was a mental competency hearing held for Diamond’s alleged killer Charles Sargent in which he was found competent to stand trial.

CHARLES SARGENTTomorrow at 9AM EDT in room #306 of the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center,  there will be a preliminary hearing for Sargent, who is charged with the heinous July 2013 murder and dismemberment of Williams.   Municipal Court Judge Marsha H. Neufield, as she did for the mental competency hearing, will be the presiding judge.


Hope those of you in the Philadelphia area who can do so will join the TransHealth Information Project and the family and loved ones of Diamond Williams in helping pack that courtroom to show solidarity and support.

The Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center is located at 1301 Filbert Street in Center City.   TIP is making and distributing buttons to wear during the hearing to show solidarity.

If you can attend, by doing so you’ll also be sending the message that Diamond’s and other trans lives lost in Philadelphia matter.

The second anniversary of Kyra Cordova’s 2012 murder passed on September 3 with no arrest in the case, and October 11 will mark four years since Stacey Blahnik Lee was murdered.  While there is a person of interest in that case, there hasn’t been an arrest made yet.  . 

And yes, you can be assured that my Philadelphia sources will keep me apprised of the developments in the Williams case (and other Philly trans cases) until justice has been served.

If you need more information, you can contact Andrew Spiers, the TransHealth Information Project Co-Coordinator of GALAEI – a queer Latin@ social justice organization at (215) 851-1822, ext 1763.

Please pack that room for our fallen sister.   

TransGriot Update:  Looks like the next court date for Sargent is October 8 according to Court records.

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