Diamond Stylz-Being And Living Your Gender Unapologetically

Diamond Stylzrocks!   My Houston homegirl penned a post combined with video on the subject and I loved what she had to say about living your trans life and gender identity in an unapologetic manner.

As I say repeatedly, transpeople are part of the diverse mosaic of human life.  Elements of you out there need to remember that, stand up, stand tall and be proud of being a woman of trans experience.  

Here’s what Diamond had to say:

Don’t we claim to be just like regular people? Then start acting like it.
I know some manly looking biological females who identify as women.
When people mistake them for men. They don’t make it a trigger for a
depression episode. They say “No sweetie, I’m a woman”…and move on with
their life. On  personal note, I use to get so insecure when someone
would say “ooo you’re tall for a woman” because I’m almost 5’11…. UNTIL…I
saw a bio woman who was taller than me get the same statement at Burger
King. She smile and said “Yea I am. Can I get no onions and extra mayo
on that burger?” That one few seconds change my whole perspective of how
I interacted with the world… YEA I AM …NOW MOVING ON

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