Devastating Obama Campaign Ad Whacks Mitt v 2012

When I finally got around to catching up on what I missed while traveling back to Houston after my double secret weekend in Washington DC, noted the inside I-495 Sunday talk show chatter over this devastating Obama campaign attack ad.   

It  pimp slaps Mitt v. 2012 over his propensity of being Bain Capital’s Outsourcer In Chief and making mad loot for it that Romney shelters in offshore bank accounts in exotic island locales.

The most delicious part of the ad is it uses Romney’s dreadful January off key singing of ‘America the Beautiful’ while doing so.

The Romney campaign tried to respond with their own ad attacking the POTUS with the backdrop of the POTUS singing Al Green’s ‘Lets Stay Together’, but had to yank it after a copyright infringement claim was filed.  

(snicker snicker) That’s what y’all Republicans get for hatin’ on the liberal progressive peeps in the music industry.

And to apologize to you TransGriot readers for assaulting your ears with such horrid singing, let hme post so video that shows you how it should properly be done.

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