Detroit Fox Noise Affiliate Compares Murdered Transwoman To Trash

Black transwomen have to do battle with the ‘unwoman’ meme that is hurled at them on an almost daily basis along with disrespect in the media that I’ve documented on this blog ad nauseum.  

But even I am stunned and shaking my head at how low the reporting of Fox 2 in Detroit went in the wake of the murder of 35 year old transwoman Coko Williams and their reporting of it.

No attempts to get a photo of the victim, just a picture of random trash and attempting to plant the usual streetwalker stereotypes about Black transwomen.

Body of Person in Woman’s Clothes Found Near 6 Mile & Woodward:

Williams was found shot to death
in the 100 block of Parkhurst Street in Palmer Park, near the
intersection of Woodward Avenue and McNichols (Six Mile) Road at about
5:30 AM EDT Tuesday morning.

“We are saddened to hear of yet another life ended too soon,” said
Nusrat Ventimiglia, director of victim’s services for Equality Michigan,
in a statement. “Our thoughts go out to Ms. Williams’ family and
friends who have suffered a great loss. We urge anyone with information
about Coko’s killing to contact the Detroit Police.”

Friends recalled Williams as a loner .   

“She was really a sweet, quiet girl,” said Dada, who had known
Williams for the past 15 years and told Between The Lines that she sometimes worked as
a hair stylist. “She was never shady or nasty. She wasn’t that type of
girl at all. She was always respectful of herself and to other people.
It’s sad for her to go out the way she did.”

It’s even sadder that Fox 2 would disrespect Coko’s  life like that, but that’s par for the course for a FOX Noise affiliate.  Every day the affiliates are becoming more like their parent news organization.   

What’s even more irritating is that this happened the day after Qasim Raqib was sentenced to 25-40 years for the murder of Shelley Hilliard but it seems like the Detroit media didn’t learn anything about respectful reporting on trans people in that case.

Fox 2 and media peeps, in case it escaped your attention, transpeople are human beings too.  I know that concept is hard to grasp no thanks to the unhinged screeching of transphobic radical feminists and transphobic elements of the gay and lesbian community, but I sincerely doubt you would compare dead cis people to trash especially if they are of European ancestry. 

So don’t think for one nanosecond that it’s acceptable to compare Black trans people to garbage.

Okay GLAAD, where are you on this one?

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