DeShanna And Trinity Meet Gov. Markell

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to over the last few years many of the mothers who are raising trans kids like Jeanette Jennings, Debi Jackson, and Kim Pearson.

In my Houston area backyard, thanks to Gender Infinity that’s run by Dr. Colt Meier, I’ve gotten to meet more of the ‘Mama Bears’ as they call themselves, and Ann Elder and Kimberly Shappley are just two of the amazing mom’s I’ve gotten to meet.

But one of the things that I have been repeatedly asked by people is where are the trans parents who look like me?   Where are the Black trans parents who unconditionally love and support their trans kids and are raising them to be the best human beings they can be and not tossing them out on the street?

Their Black Lives Matter as well, and I was jumping up and down ecstatic to hear about Delaware based mom DeShanna Neal and her precocious preteen trans daughter Trinity.  

If Deshanna’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she was one of the four mothers profiled in the Trans United Fund video that was released back on Mother’s Day.

She also authored a well received post in the Advocate about why her daughter’s Black Life Matters and making a better world for Trinity and all her kids.

I finally got to meet both of them at this year’s edition of the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, and it was a joy to meet DeShanna, spend some quality time with her during the PTHC, and watch Trinity interact with other kids like her at the pool party.

On July 13 she and her family got to meet with Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D) and her state representative Paul Baumbach (D).  Gov Markell has been a standup ally of the trans community, supported and signed the Delaware trans rights law when it hit his desk in 2013 and supports the DOE/DOJ trans guidelines.   Rep. Baumbach has also been a supportive ally and the Neal’s are happy to have his as their state representative.

Said Neal about that recent meeting, “Hearing him express his support and acceptance for the LGBT community, and especially trans children, gave me hope for a better future for my daughter and Delaware’s transgender community.”

Congratulations for the successful meeting with your state’s governor.   It’s a light years different response from Texas top governmental officials when it comes to trans kids in my home state.

Gov. Markell’s words and deeds give me and the trans elders around the country who love and support our trans kids hope as well when we hear positive news like this..

And it’s even more amazing as an unapologetic Black trans person to see Trinity be showered in unconditional love.

This should be the rule for our trans kids, not the exception.


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