Denver Trans Community, You Handling Your #CC15 Trans Business?

So as we pass the torch to you Denver trans community, we in the Houston trans community issue you a challenge.  We want you to meet or exceed our Houston trans community level of involvement as you put together next year’s conference .   

We’d like to ask you to make sure that when the Denver Host Committee is formed to organize #CC15, it has significant and diverse trans representation on it like ours did.

–TransGriot, February 3, 2014, ‘Denver Transpeeps, Make Sure Your #CC15 Host Committee Reps The ‘T”

That was the challenge I issued to Denver as a #CC14 Houston Host committee member as we passed the torch to them as the host city for the next Creating Change Conferenec to be held in the Mile High City February 4-8. 

And while the peeps in Denver will have a tough act to follow in H-town, one of the things I
hope they match or exceed us in is trans representation throughout
their conference. 

At this point in the Creating Change organizing process, they have already had at least two organizing committee meetings and have selected the faces of their conference in their four Host Committee co-chairs (Leslie Herod, Krista Whipple, Rachel Chapparo and Sydney Andrews).  They have had their meetings determining who will chair and co-chair the fifteen various subcommittees. 

And yeah, TransGriot readers, I was surprised to find out I know one of the four Denver Host Committee co-chairs.  I wasn’t kidding about how many people I know nationwide in this community.. 


But the Denver peeps are quite aware they are on the organizing clock for their upcoming conference.  If their process was anything like ours, the various committees and the leadership in them are just sorting things out because it is Pride Month and the primary LGBT community organizing at this time is centered around that event..

But once Pride is over, it will be time to get down to #CC15 business, and I know Courtney Gray, Host Committee Co Chair Krista Whipple and the Denver trans community took my challenge seriously.  

Challenge accepted!

Meanwhile we’re just observing, fondly remembering what last summer was like for us and  waiting in Houston for another opportunity to host Creating Change and prove to LGBT World that we can exceed the high #CC14 bar we set earlier this year

Oh yeah, those of us on the Houston Host Committee haven’t forgotten the
alleged boasting by some of you Denver peeps while y’all were at the Hilton Americas during  #CC14
that you would break all the Creating Change records we just set.  

Sounds like someone was smoking Colorado’s finest when they said that, so yeah, bring it..  Let’s see if y’all topple our attendance record along with the other ones we smashed..   

When me and my Houston peeps roll up to the Mile High City in February,
we would love to see transpeople involved in every facet of the Denver
#CC15 Host Committee.  

And Denver trans peeps, not too late for y’all
to find a #CC15 sub-committee that interests you and get busy to help plan it. 
The benefit of this experiece is that you’ll not only be doing your part to plan #CC15, you also foster some better networking relationships with a cross section of the Denver area TBLG community, and meet folks outside you normal influence circles you probably wouldn’t have met.

There’s also another perk with being on the Creating Change Host Committee I’ll let your organizing committee tell y”all about.  And you may make some friends in the process.

So Denver Trans Community, are you handling you #CC15 trans business?    Just checking.

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